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"Unexpected Problem with Jaikoz please report problem..."

OK, “Unexpected Problem” popped up, and here I am (a few minutes later)…
System: macOS 10.15.7 Catalina (still!), Jaikoz 11.6.2 Pulp, foobar2000 (mac) 2.8 beta 8.

I had 155 songs loaded-in, filtered on one artist, selected one row and did [File > Play Song] which appeared to trigger this.

Just before, I had selected and played a different track, and my default player-app opened, namely foobar2000-macOS, which played it correctly, after which I quit the player. Then I copy-pasted ( [Cmd-C/V]) a genre value to that track. I’m not sure (I got woken early!) but possibly I accidentally clicked the wrong hotkey just prior to [Cmd-V] - no idea which one.

okay please run Advanced:Create Support FIles and email the zip file created to

I havent received anything yet, can you send please.

Ok Paul, I sent it just now. Only just saw your reply/message.

Incidentally it would be helpful if the documentation or some popup window said where the file would be. Here on my mac I eventually discovered it (by searching on file extension “zip”, as I didn’t know what filename to look for) in my home directory ( ~/ ), I hadn’t considered that, having first expected it in Documents or Downloads. No worries, just offering the suggestion to simplify it for others (including my future self, since I will most likely forget).

Hi you are correct, what I would like to do is improve further it so it works the same as my other application Songkong, this automatically uploads the support files to my server so you don’t have to worry about finding the zip file or emailing it to me -

Found the error, we look to have one further issue with multi row sorting -

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“Everything I touch”…