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Unexpected Problem, please report when attempting to correct local artwork

When I try to run “Correct Artwork Locally” it runs for about 6500 songs processed, then gives the “Unexpected Problem” Error.

It says, if I have typed it correctly:

image == null:javax.imageio.IIOImage.(

I have also sent the support file to the support email.


Thanks, I can see the exception and have raised

It is having problems with a non-standard piece of artwork, unfortunately I cannot see for sure which one, so if you rerun again will happen again. But I think it may be a file within I:\Music\Mike Oldfield folder, so could you close files in that folder and then retry to see if it now completes.

Yes, after a lot of work on my part I did figure out there was a problem in the Mike Oldfield folder, but I thought it was related to the sheer number of files in there.

Anyway, I removed all the artwork and the problem went away.

Thanks for all the help.