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Unexpected Album Name

I’ve got several albums from the Final Fantasy video games. Many of them, when I correct them, have the album name corrected to “Uematsu: [album name]” rather than just [album name].

Nobuo Uematsu is the Artist for them, but when I’m selecting the albums during a Manual Correct, none of the albums show this “Uematsu” in the Album title.

Even tracking back to the MusicBrainz page (just one example) for the albums it doesn’t show that in the album title.

This is happening for many albums, but I’m not sure why it’s happening or how. Are you able to enlighten me?

Hi, its because Jaikoz has incorrectly considered this album to be a classical release, and therefore applied the Classical options, one of the classical options is Add Composer to start of Album Title. The Database doesn’t tell Jaikoz if a release is classical or not it uses a heuristic algorithm to decide.

There are a number of ways round this you can simply disable the Classical matching by setting Remote:Classical:Automatically Identify songs that are part of Classical releases and apply these options

If the only issue is adding composer to album title then you could just disable this option.

if you want the classical functionality but some are incorrectly identified then you can resolve this by adding them to to the not_classical_release.txt file. You cannot currently edit this within Jaikoz itself, if you decide to edit you need to edit the version in your Jaikoz data folder not your Jaikoz installation folder.

I see, thanks for explaining that. I’ll give that a shot when I return home tonight. :slight_smile:

Awesome! That worked. Easy enough to just highlight the offending tracks and “Update Metadata” and they all corrected to the proper album titles.

Thanks again for the swift response. :slight_smile: