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Undo fixes is stuck?

undo fixes running a few hours like 5
seems to be stuck on 1667/10924
what do i do?

What platform are you running on ?

Ok thanks… I rebooted my melco… Maybe it’s just really bad internet access… Anyway I started the undo fix again… So the melco is a new purchase and the idea of what songkong could do was too good to resist so I purchased a full license… Probably should have just started small than the whole data base in the melco… I ended up with way too many deleted or modified files that don’t play… So something definitely went wrong… So I am trying to use the undo fix… I do have a backup lol that much I have learned…

Hi, the issue with deleted/modified file is simply you need to

  1. Update MinimServer library with Changes made by SongKong
  2. Restart your Control Point

Please see Run Fix Songs seems to have made changes but UPnP Control Point still shows old data for full details.

Unfortunately MinimServer does not have a way to just update its indexes with latest data when make some changes and that is causing some confusion.

Ok thanks for your info… Lots to learn…