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Undo Fix Question

I’m not quite clear on this aspect and have done a quick search which hasn’t cleared it up for me.

I’m just Song Konging a few folders to see how things go before doing a full sweep.

Can I just undo the last operation?


I cannot see any choice of what to Undo?

I’m possibly missing something very obvious :frowning_face:


Hi, so before you select Undo Fixes you select the folder(s) you want to Undo


So here I’m only undoing changes to E:\Music\PopRock\Alaska, this can be a subset of what you ran Fix Songs against, so in your case you could just pick any (or all) of the folders you have run Fix Songs against.

SongKong will undo all changes made to that folder, so if you had run Fix Songs against a particular folder multiple times it would not just undo the last run, but all the runs since the SongKong internal database was created.

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