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Unable to update to latest version

Hi my updating expired on 2/16/2023 but it would not allow me to update to the version Fred released on 2/8/2023. Please help me to update.

Hi, I checked and your updating expired on 15/01/2023 not 16/02/23 that is why you are not currently eligible to update to SongKong Frank released on 08/02/2023, but making version updates payment will immediately give access to not just this version but all new versions released in the next year.

I seem to have the opposite problem: Bought the full license for Melco in August 2021. Update was still possible until version 8.10 via Melco but now I seem to have lost the full license, no more conversion of Naim files (which I need). Did the updating downgrade the license or is there another problem?
Thanks for your help!

If you purchased in August 2021, then free updates would end in August 2022, but 8.10 was released in March 2023. So you need to purchase 1 year of updates to use this latest version otherwise it just reverts to Lite

When you select the License tab what does it say?

On the license tab, I found the old license keys. When I pressed ‘save’ on the bottom on the page a moment ago, it suddenly started working again (the Naim option was not greyed out any more and worked fine). Nevertheless, on the About page it says I am using version 8.10 but it also claims that the free version update exprires 22/Aug/2022. Either I do not remember buying the updates (it does not show in the About page and I do not have any receipts), or it updated anyway and I might owe you now the proper fee? I am very glad it works but I am a little confused.
Best, Jorg

I think all that has happened is you have updated your version of SongKong to latest version using the Melco OLED, and that is a version you don’t currently have full access to so it reverts to Melco Lite mode. Version updates does currently expire on 22/08/2022 for you because that is one year after your purchase. You just need to purchase version updates to resolve the issue, then restart SongKong, no new license keys are required as expiry date is controlled by the Jthink server.