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Unable to see music files in default folder

I keep the music I need processed by jaikoz in a folder called G:\editing\raw. When I try to access that directory, no music files appear. If I rename the folder to raw1 it works fine & shows all audio files. I moved all of the contents out of raw to another folder & deleted raw. Then I recreated raw but the problem remained. This is true using both jaikoz & SongKong.

I am using Win11 on a Dell XPS 8930. I updated from an older version of jaikoz to the current version. I notice the UI looks quite a bit different. I installed the new version over the old version. It was after I installed the update that I noticed this problem.

I will also mention that before updating jaikoz, I installed SongKong. During the installation, I got an error saying there was a database error & it asked me for permission to rebuild it.

Okay, and did you rebuilld the database?

On SongKong you should run File:Empty Database that should fix it.

On Jaikoz run Advanced:Empty Cache

There is nothing particular to a folder called raw that should cause a problem (and i have just tested it to double check this), I think the issue is with the internal database.

Thanks for your support files, so it seems that fixed it for SongKong but Empty Cache failed for Jaikoz and that is the cause of the issue. The solution is to delete the database manually, you are using Windows so you can do this as follows.

-Close Jaikoz
-Delete C:\Users\username\Jaikoz\jaikozdb where username will be your Windows username
-Start Jaikoz

That should resolve the issue.

On MacOS you would do:

-Close Jaikoz
-In Finder select the Go menu, hold down Option key and select the Library option that displays
-Within Library folder select Jaikoz and then Preferences folder
-Delete the jaikozdb folder
-Start Jaikoz