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Unable to save matched songs of a split album

I have a nice example of my inability to fix a split album:
It is broken in two subfolders, and I tried a few times…


Okay please run Fix Songs against the The Moz-Art Quartet folder and then run Create Support Files and I will check to see why that is occurring.

ok thanks.
And how are you Paul?

Hi, I am fine thankyou

Okay this an easy one, the album has not been matched to MusicBrainz, it has only been matched Acoustid Song Only which means we found the songs on Acoustid but there was no link from Acoustid to MusicBrainz so we could only add basic metadata from Acoustid.

The MusicBrainz barchart can show MusicBrainz Album matches, MusicBrainz Song Only matches and Acoustid Song Only matches. And these are shown in different shades of blue, because on this run of Fix Songs all songs were matched same way maybe not so clear that they were only matched Acoustid Song Only.

Now, you may wonder if Rename files based on metadata is set to Yes if matched to a release why have the files been renamed. The answer is they have not been renamed in this run, they must have been renamed earlier when you had Rename files based on metadata set to Yes, for all files

You can double check this by putting the files back into a single folder and rerunning Fix Songs and you will see that they are not split but remain as they are.