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Unable to match really new release to MusicBrainz?

Bought the new Mark Knopfler on Friday, digital copy. Didn’t find a match right away but remembered the new “match specific” feature that just dropped into SongKong. So I tried that.

Still wasn’t able to get it to match to either a specific release group or a release itself. This is the URL:

It fails with this error: Unable to retrieve album from MusicBrainz:fb25535f-2b90-4cf1-ad08-0d732ea66220

I’ll upload the logs to this topic to see if there is anything obvious…

Here are some log entries. Is this a caching issue? Does Jthink have a copy of MusicBrainz data that it caches and it just hasn’t pulled in this album yet?

15/04/2024 18.28.00:CDT:MainAnalyserService:submit:SEVERE: >>Submitted:MatchAlbumLoadFolderWorker to MatchAlbumMatcher:G2:Foldername:river:isPartOfMultiDisc:false:NoOfSongs:12::Queue:1:totalSubmitted:1:totalDone:0
15/04/2024 18.28.00:CDT:AbstractModifySongsController:setupAnalyser:SEVERE: >>Song Loader Finished
15/04/2024 18.28.00:CDT:MainAnalyserService:setSongLoaderCompleted:SEVERE: >SongLoaderCompleted
15/04/2024 18.28.00:CDT:MatchAlbumMatcher:doTask:WARNING: G2:/music/_CDRIP/river:false:false:false:false:false:start:12
15/04/2024 18.28.00:CDT:MusicBrainzReleaseCache:addFromWeb:WARNING: AddFromWeb:fb25535f-2b90-4cf1-ad08-0d732ea66220
15/04/2024 18.28.00:CDT:JthinkSearchServer:doQuery:SEVERE: fb25535f-2b90-4cf1-ad08-0d732ea66220:?type=release&query=reid:(fb25535f-2b90-4cf1-ad08-0d732ea66220 ) AND src:1&limit=1&offset=0
15/04/2024 18.28.00:CDT:JthinkSearchServer:doQuery:SEVERE: fb25535f-2b90-4cf1-ad08-0d732ea66220:URLEncoded:?type=release&query=reid%3A%28fb25535f-2b90-4cf1-ad08-0d732ea66220+%29+AND+src%3A1&limit=1&offset=0
15/04/2024 18.28.02:CDT:CmdRemote:lambda$start$227:SEVERE: >>>>>/matchalbum.update_progress
15/04/2024 18.28.03:CDT:MusicBrainzReleaseCache:addFromWeb:WARNING: Query for MusicBrainz Album with Id:fb25535f-2b90-4cf1-ad08-0d732ea66220 failed to find match
15/04/2024 18.28.03:CDT:MainAnalyserService:workDone:SEVERE: >>WorkDone:MatchAlbumMatcher:G2:Foldername:river:isPartOfMultiDisc:false:NoOfSongs:12::Queue:0:totalSubmitted:1:totalDone:1
15/04/2024 18.28.03:CDT:MainAnalyserService:workDone:SEVERE: >Closing Latch:
15/04/2024 18.28.03:CDT:AbstractModifySongsController:setupAnalyser:SEVERE: >MainAnalyser Completed

Found this from an older thread - might be my answer?

Okay, its because SongKong uses data from Albunack, which is much faster and more reliable but is a cached version of MusicBrainz and Discogs so can be a month out of date. You modified track 9 on MusicBrainz on 28th May, so we don’t have that change yet.

That is correct, but checking the live MusicBrainz database when not in Albunack is now a high priority issue, hopefully will be fixed for next release.

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Awesome! Will look forward to that. It especially makes sense when using the “match to specific release” feature, so it will be a nice addition.