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Unable to find a suitable release


I’m trying to force match an album to an existing Musicbrainz (c0e6fd4a-d2a6-4897-976b-ef6e78368ffc) or Discogs release (4090303) and am unable to. I found another thread with someone suggesting that emptying the cache would do the trick, but it just doesn’t work, it keeps saying “Unable to find a suitable release”. When I just let it autocorrect using Musicbrainz, I get the below but it matches them to 2 separate, unrelated artists (one is correct, the other one is just not):

May 25, 2020 2:44:16 PM: INFO: Matched 9 songs to MusicBrainz (Song Only) successfully
May 25, 2020 2:44:16 PM: INFO: Matched 8 songs to AcoustId (Song Only) successfully
May 25, 2020 2:44:16 PM: INFO: Matched 0 songs to MusicBrainz Release successfully

Can you please help?

Thank you!

since you have already chosen the MBID of the desired release (MusicBrainz Release Id), you can use the following command Action -> Match to Album -> Match Songs to Specified MusicBrainz Album. in the pop-up window you can then enter the MusicBrainz Release Id.
Disadvantage of this release is that there is no track length and no acoustictid for the individual tracks. Regardless, Jaikoz should be able to find a match with Autocorrect for these releases as well.


Thanks for your message.

The error message is what I get after doing exactly that!

The steps I took are: 1) tried autocorrect metadata from MB server (which resulted is pretty bad mismatches with wrong artists, incomplete information, etc. per example above); 2) looked up the album name on the MB website and found the relevant MBID (same # of songs, right titles, etc.); 3) tried match songs to specified MB album, which resulted in the error above (“Unable to find a suitable release”); 4) tried the same on Discogs and got the same exact issue

It’s happened to me before with other albums, but I was always able to solve it by matching it manually to a release (in one case it even highlighted the different duration of a song and asked me if I wanted to continue), and I don’t understand why this album doesn’t work!

Also - just out of curiosity, why/how would MB mismatch so badly? It’s happened to me sparsely but significantly enough that I now have to go folder by folder. The artist in question is Roland Alphonso and if I do autocorrect metadata from MB server I get 50% of songs from Roland Alphonso and 50% from Flaco Jiménez, both with different album data.

Thank you!

I dont know why that would be, could you run Advanced:Create Support Files and then email them to, thanks.

Thanks for the support files but I am sorry there is not enough info in there. What would be helpful is if you installed SongKong (Lite) and run that on the folder (in preview mode), the algorithm that SongKong and Jaikoz use are quite similar, but the diagnostics are alot better in SongKong.