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Unable to create playlist folder

Hi all,
When i want to save jaykoz songs to itunes automatically, a error box appear with the message follow “Unable to create playlist folder(1).nom de classe prï(s) mais propriïtrouvï(s)” (see in attach)

In itunes had create a forlder who’s named “Jaikoz” and a playlist “Jaikoz” but nothing append

Any ideas ?

I have had the same issue since upgrading to Music on MacOS Catalina. My error reads:

Unable to create playlist folder (1): Expected class name but found property

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Hi John, the problem is as follows.

In MacOS Catalina Apple replaced iTunes with Music app, its basically the same app but only for Music. Because it is so similar this confuses Jaikoz because it thinks iTunes exists but then it fails because iTunes doesn’t actually exist, so I need to release a newer version of Jaikoz that works with the Music app on MacOS.

But Jaikoz does not depend on iTunes, the integration simply informs iTunes that these files have been modified or added to the iTunes library. So you can simply disable the option in Jaikoz at Preferences:Save:iTunes Autoupdate to prevent the error.


Then as long as you don’t rename or move your files in Jaikoz after saving them just go to iTunes, select all files and right-click Get Info to update the metadata. What you dont want to do is rename file in Jaikoz if they already in the iTunes library - because then iTunes may not be able to find them

Thanks Paul will give this a try. I had noticed that everything else was working fine!

May problem is, that I use the “notify iTunes” feature to import adjusted music into, so the songs are not there yet.

Hence, I think I need to do: use Jaikoz => save files => manually import the songs

Any estimate when we will get an update?

Yes, that will work for new songs, you dont gain an awful lot by Jaikoz adding them for you anyway.

We know what changes we need to make to support Music app since we have already done for SongKong, but I cannot give you a Jaikoz release date at the moment.

Hi Paul,

Any chance you know when this might be implemented? I’ve set up some custom folder masks that move tracks around, so dropping a track into a folder amongst dozens of other tracks makes hunting them down a bit of a pain. This is especially true when processing many tracks at once.

New customer and member here. So far it’s working great!


It looks like I can just re-add the entire music folder to the library and Music will sort out whether there’s anything new in the folder. That said, I’m a happy camper :slight_smile: