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Tutorial 36:Meta Grater for removing metadata


Sometimes we need to remove metadata.

Meta Grater is a simple task that can quickly and effectively metadata from your songs without doing any other processing.

For example here we would like to remove any Performer fields. This is because the music is going to be used with Roon and Roon interprets the performer field differently to most music player ( we use the Involved People field instead for Roon) and this can cause problems.

So we just select it from the Delete all metadata from these fields option

and select Start

Meta Grater will now go away and process all the files, removing any of the specified fields.

and create a report

If we go to a folder that has been updated and select a modified song we can see the modification is the deletion of the Performer field.

Non Deletable Fields

The only field added by SongKong that you cannot delete currently is SONGKONG_ID because this is required for correct SongKong operation

You cannot currently delete meta-fields that are not recognized by SongKong. It may be a perfectly valid metadata field, but if it not in the list currently recognized by SongKong then you cannot use SongKong to remove it.