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Trouble with Artist artwork

I would like to be able to add artist.jpg artwork to only the artist folder and not to embed it in all my files as it’s sometimes wrong and removing embedded images from FLAC is troublesome.

Currently it seems the options only allow artist imagery to be downloaded to the folder and embedded instead of one or the other.

Please make an option to disable embedding the images!

Thank you!

Hi, so one governing principle of SongKong is we always add the data to the files themselves so that the song files metadata is independent of the tool used to modify them, and the file location. This is different to tools such as iTunes that store some data such as playcounts, ratings and artwork in the iTunes library so they are not transferable.

We additionally allow artwork to be stored in the folder as well because this is used when browsing your music by folder, whether on a computer or with a music player but the primary artwork should be the embedded artwork.

Now to your problem, if you think the artist artwork is wrong how wrong do you mean, the wrong person or wrong picture of person. If wrong person then that means in your mind that the album artist is probably wrong as well and you need to change a setting, can you give me some examples.

Are these Classical albums ?

You could either run in Preview mode first and in report use Browse/Browse By Artist to check for any album artist artwork you think is wrong and then if found make adjustments and configure to Save album artist to artists folder in filesystem to Yes, but do not overwrite existing artwork in folder

You make a good point that Manual Edit only supports cover art not artist art at the moment, I should add that.

Yes, sometimes the problem is the difference between artist and album artist, and yes as you say its great to have all the data embedded. But I think the artist image is something that can change quite frequently or one image could be preferred over another. Artists live and grow, change styles, etc.

Currently I cannot use the artist image function because I would like to not have artist artwork embedded in my files at all, to save space as well as time later on if I change my mind about a certain image over another for a particular artist.

Trading out the artist.jpg in the folder is a much more elegant solution to “changing” the artist image for my players and takes no time at all. However, changing the embedded artist image in a FLAC file is very troublesome and you can’t gain back the space lost unless you re-encode your file…

I guess i could use the function that puts every artist image into one folder and then sort them myself… but that seems a bit troublesome as well… Simply turning off an option to embed the artist (and only the artist) image into the file would be best option to add, in my opinion.

The option should simply state " :black_square_button: Embed artist artwork" towards the end of the page

Thank you for your time!

Also i am very sorry, i just realized i have posted in the Melco section and not the regular SongKong section. I think this may have caused some confusion.

Very sorry about that.

This is not true, on save to recover the space you need the tag editor to shrink the metadata block to the minimum required rather than keep the space for future use, but you do not need to re-encode the file. From memory I cannot remember what SongKong/Jaikoz do but if they do not release the extra space im sure there is a tagger you could use to resave the files and recover the space, no need to reencode.

What player do you use, because if you only have the artist image stored in an artist folder this means you only get to see the artist from your player when browsing by folder not by artist metadata. For example this is currently an issue with MinimServer uPnP server, it cannot serve artist images so a uPnP control point using MinimServer can see artist images when browse by folder but not see artist images when browsing by artists themselves.

No problem, I have moved to correct category.