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Transfer settings from v9 to v11 (on new installation)

I bought Jaikoz years and years ago (2007!) and have been using it on version 9 as I didn’t see the need to upgrade my license to version 10. However I just recently reinstalled everything on a new Windows system, and decided to pay for the upgrade to version 11, which seems really nice.

I had a lot of customization in my Jaikoz 9 configuration (especially renaming masks, column layouts, tagging preferences, etc), and I cannot figure out how to get them imported into version 11. On other re-installations up to v9 I just replaced the USERACCOUNT\Jaukoz folder and everything worked fine.

Now I see in v11 that there is a file in plain text that appears to contain all of the settings (as I can see the changes reflected when I modify settings in the GUI)

However from what I understood before all settings were stored in a settings.jai file, however not visible in a text editor as it appears to be encoded.

I tried putting the settings.jai file in the user folder as before but it doesn’t seem to be interpreted by version 11.

I no longer have access to the original jaikoz 9 installation (but I do have a backup of the \jaikoz folder), but if needed I can install v9 on a test computer if the only possible method is via an upgrade…

Is there something else I can do?


You have understood things correctly, the original settings.jai file was an encrypted xml configuration file. Unfortunately it was very slow to read and because it was encrypted could not be manually modified if there was a problem with it, and also difficult for me to introduce new options.

In Jaikoz 11 we move to using plain text property file, this is much faster and can be manually modified and there are no problems if i need to add new options.

I’m not clear if you actually upgraded from Jaikoz 9 on your new computer or if you have just installed Jaikoz 11 as the first installation on this computer. However it doesn’t make much difference because in Jaikoz we have so many options and the configuration files are so different it just was not possible to convert the old configuration file to new configuration file.

However, unlike Jaikoz 9 the new Jaikoz 11 comes with a set of predefined rename masks (these are actually stored in so you can probably take one of these existing ones and make minor adjustments to get what you want.

The main table view now supports tabs of set of columns so your old column layout would not be suitable for new version anyway.

If you want to keep your other options but cannot remember what they are the only solution would be to run Jaikoz 9 and manually make a note of the configuration, but I would advise probably just best to start again using the defaults in Jaikoz 11 unless there is an issue.

Thanks Paul for this information. I finally found the time to get a v9 installation up and running on an old computer in order to recover my rename masks.

And now I am lost in this new logic!! :exploding_head:

I had set up these complex conditional masks for my use which adapt to different needs:

Standard album folders:
‘Artists’ + folderseparator + (grouping.length>0 ? grouping : (albumartistsort.length>0 ? albumartistsort : (albumartist.length>0 ? albumartist : artist))) + folderseparator + (albumartist.length>0 ? albumartist : artist) + (djmixer.length>0 ? ’ (Self DJ Mixed)’ : ‘’) + (year.length>0 ? ’ [’ + year + '] ’ : ’ - ‘) + album + (label.length==0 && catalogno.length==0 ? ‘’ : ’ (’ + (label.length>0 ? label : ‘no label’) + (catalogno.length>0 ? ’ - ’ + catalogno : ‘’) + ‘)’)

This automatically produces something like these:
Artists\Cake\Cake [2004] Pressure Chief (Columbia Records - CK 92629) - The simplest result
Artists\Funcken\Cane [2007] Scint EP (Creative Space Records - CS010) - When the “Grouping” field is used or AlbumSortArtist is different than AlbumArtist
Artists\Tipper\Tipper (Self DJ Mixed) [2005] Tip Hop (Tippermusic - TIPP00DL1) - This is when the “DJMixer” field is populated to indicate that the artist mixed his own materiel

I have a similar thing set up for Compilation folders:
(albumartistsort != ‘Various Artists’ ? albumartistsort : (djmixer.length>0 ? ‘DJ Mixes’ : ‘Various Artists’)) + folderseparator + (grouping.length>0 ? ‘[’ + grouping + ‘]’ + folderseparator : ‘’) + (albumartist != ‘Various Artists’ ? albumartist : ‘va’) + (djmixer.length>0 ? ’ (Mixed by ’ + djmixer + ‘)’ : ‘’) + ’ - ’ + album + ’ [’ + (year.length>0 ? year : ’ ‘) + ‘]’ + (label.length==0 && catalogno.length==0 ? ‘’ : ’ (’ + (label.length>0 ? label : ‘no label’) + (catalogno.length>0 ? ’ - ’ + catalogno : ‘’) + ‘)’)

Which will put DJ mixes into their own root folder, etc…

As you can see I spent quite some time getting all of that to work automatically and now have a library of around 40000 tracks tagged in this way.

I don’t even know where to start with this new tagging system, is there any way you could help point me in the right direction? :thinking:

My file rename mask simply had a condition on track number presence (trackno.length>0 ? trackno + ’ ’ :’’) but that’s probably easy to figure out…

As for the other settings, I think I can recreate them, and I can figure out the column tabbing once I am sure to be able to properly name my folders :wink:


So main differences between v9 and v11 are:

  • v9 had separate subfolder mask and filename mask, and you could only enter a single mask for each
  • v11 combine subfolder and filename mask into a single mask, and you can name masks and select/modify existing masks
  • v9 uses folderseparator, v11 uses ‘/’ (which is correctly converted to \ for Windows)

Even though v11 combines the mask, when you run Correct SubFolder from Metadata or Correct Filename from Metadata it still will only use the subfolder or filename part of the mask respectively.

So all you should have to do is create a new mask, paste your existing mask into it, but replace folderseperator with ‘/’, and add a bit at end for the filename part even if you don’t use Correct Filename from Metadata.

I tried converting your first example, however in your example you have fancy quotes instead of the standard apostrophe that we always used in v9 and v11 so i couldn’t quite get the last line right, but the following works if you paste into Jaikoz

'Artists' + '/' 
 + (grouping.length>0 ? grouping : (albumartistsort.length>0 ? albumartistsort : (albumartist.length>0 ? albumartist : artist))) 
 + '/' + (albumartist.length>0 ? albumartist : artist) 
 + (djmixer.length>0 ? ' (Self DJ Mixed)' : '') 
 + (year.length>0 ? ' [' + year + '] ' : ' - ')
 + album 


Thanks for the quick reply, I will try and dive in soon!

OK, this was less daunting than I thought, and everything is up and running as before. I think it was just the folderseperator that was blocking me, and for some reason I thought you had to compose your elements from predefined ones, but never mind, all is good! The logic is different but that’s fine, and I wonder what new possibilities there are that were not available in the v9. I’m thinking more conditions maybe?

I do have another question as well: I spent about 30 minutes getting my columns set up in multiple tabs, and things were looking good. Then I had the huge misfortune to go into settings and find the “Metadata Table” tab, and started to understand how the table columns were represented in there. It all looked good to me, the changes I had made showed up in the list of columns. I decided to add one extra column to the first tab, and BAM everything reset to the default layout!! I was too frustrated to spend another 30 minutes redoing everything again.

Could you explain why this happens and how to avoid it before I start over again?

That certainly should not happen if it does, I will have to test that and see if the problem occurs for me.