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Track autonumbering from filename in Jaikoz

At one point I thought Jaikoz had a feature to automatically number tracks based on filenames…but I can’t seem to find it.

For example: Let’s say I have one giant file that’s a live recording, and I want to split it up into individual songs. So I use an audio editor to do that, and I have its parameters set so that the files resulting from the split are named 01_blah, 02_blah, 03_blah, etc.

Is it possible that Jaikoz can extract info from the file names to number the tracks…say, by being told the file names are in alphabetical or numerical order and assigning track numbers correspondingly?

Take a look at:
Preferences -> Tab. File and Folder Correct -> Correct Metadata from Filename
the rename mask looks like this
if the files are named : 01_blah

This seems to work…but only if the rename mask includes no other fields. What I had in there was


—which did not populate the track number field when I clicked Action>File and Folder Correct>Correct Metadata from Filename.

I tried removing the disc number field from that mask—still did not work.

It may be that I might use this mask such that I don’t really need the other info.

Anyway, thanks—and if anyone has any ideas WHY this won’t work if there are other elements in the mask, I’d be curious.

Can you give an example of the filename, the mask has to match with the filenames you have for it to work.

Also, given a list of files that are listed in track order in the main window you can select them bring up the popup menu and use Edit/Renumber Track Nos to rename them starting from 1


Thanks—the info here, and above, works in any situation I can imagine.