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Title Case in Local Correct not Capitalizing all words

Hi there,

I am using Jaikoz build version 1165. Local correct does not title Case in all words. It even changes upper case to lower case in some words. “Everything And Nothing” becomes “Everything and Nothing”.

I checked all kinds of settings and changed a view hoping it would do the trick but not successful. Maybe somebody can tell all the different settings which are influencing the local correct in context with Title case so that I can check all of them. Thank you.

P.S. I found out that local correction is obviously taking place and it is working but later in the process the local correction obviously gets overturned by something else and only then then “And” becomes a “and”.

I use at first “lowercase all letters” and after that the command “Title Case”

Hi Alfg, thanks for your response. I am not quiet sure what you mean with "I use at first “lowercase all letters” and after that the command “Title Case”? Do you mean you set the settings in Jaokoz for local correction to “Lowercase” and afterwords you do a manual correction by using the command “Title Case”? Where exactly can you use a command in Jaokoz? Thanks

I found a solution that works for me. in “Preferences” “Local Correct” “Auto Match” I checked “Do local correct on songs that already have a Musicbrainz id” and then it worked. I have Title Case now also for the “And” and not “and” anymore.

Hi Afrikapit,

Replying to your initial post - that is in fact the correct title capitalisation in the English language. ?And? should always be ?and? in titles.

Search in a google and you will find good articles on the topic.


At first I select the columne or the field, which should get “Title Case”
Then using: Edit -> Capitalizer -> lowercase all letter
and then using: Edit -> Capitalizer -> Title Case