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Thinking Outside the Box...Tagging

This may be completely out of left field, but I wanted to get your thoughts about a new possible way to tag music collection. FYI… I have purchased Jaikoz, am going to purchase Song Kong and will support Paul in any way I can, I just wanted to get some thoughts on this.

With so much good music tag data on Spotify and the itunes store, I thought trying to find some other way to harness it. Here is what I came up with…

Spotify: Getting a spotify premium account, which streams in 320kbps. Search for each one of the albums and songs in my collection and then using a program like Audials Tunebyte (which can automatically rip the song, look for cover art, tag the song, break up the tracks, etc.). This happens in real time, so it may take a long time. But, once it will done, it should be in excellent shape and then can use Song Kong or Jaikoz to fix all the incorrect tags…

Itunes: Sign up for itunes match… Dump as many songs as possible into itunes match, even with poor metadata, no cover art, etc. Let itunes match “match” as many songs as it can to it’s own server. Then, download all of those songs off the apple server all at a consistent 256kbps, normalized, etc. (as if you purchaed it from the itunes store). Then, since itunes keeps users tags and does not fix tags, use the open source program “itunes-match-tagger”, which corrects the tags right from the apple server. Finally, use jaikoz or song kong at that point and fix any incorrect tags…

Look forward to any thoughts and comments,


He probably would not want to rip the streams from spotify as there would be legal issues there even if the user currently owns the music. However it would be really nice if a plugin system was made for jaikoz that would allow other people to write plugins.

Spotify does have an api that could be used for getting tagging info, same with Having some type of plugin system would allow others to do all kinds o stuff with jaikoz.


Thank you for your thoughts and for taking the time to reply.

I am far from a programmer and can’t tell you the first thing about an API, but this was the kind of out of the box thinking that I was hoping for when I posted this.

Wonder what Paul’s thoughts are on this and what are the % chance of implementation in the long term, once other more prominent issues are taken care of.

Thank you,


I thanks for your thoughts, but three points.

  1. It would be incredibly slow downloading versions of the songs you have just to get their metadata
  2. It would be totally illegal
  3. The metadata in Spotify and iTunes is not so good anyway.

In fact Spotify is a Musicbrainz customer , and uses Musicbrainz to try and help organize their mess, iTunes only contains the basic metadata, the one area where they are good is with artwork but you can correct your artwork from iTunes anyway.

So this idea is not a runner, if you want to improve metadata matching the best thing you can do is submit data to Musicbrainz and Acoustid yourself that improves the database for others, so if everyone submits there good metadata the experience improve for everyone.

You can submit various information to Musicbrainz from Jaikoz,
When songs have been matched to Musicbrainz and have AcoustiDs you can match the pairings from Jaikoz.
You can manually edit MusicBrainz via their website
You can use to directly submit data from data sources such as Discogs to Musicbrainz