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The limitations of online tagging databases...

I have about 30,000 tunes that are apparently untaggable using Jaikoz.

I would like to see a ‘white paper’ explaining who and what MusicBrainz and AmpliFind are and why the MB tagging factor is only about 60%-70%, and AF is nearly useless, AND WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT…(even if it costs money)

My tagging needs are basic: either Name or Artist is missing in my tunes–other tags are nice but optional.

I have 400,000 tunes with most if not all correct tags–how can I contribute to a database so that others can benefit?

Can you give some details on what you’re trying to match and the steps you’re taking?

I mean, if you’re trying to match Def Leppard and it’s not coming up, there’s a problem. If you’re trying to match your cousin’s beatbox demo, well, it’s not gonna happen. Does what you’re trying to match show up in MB?

Have you tried retrieving the AcousticIDs first? I think most of my mismatches came from albums not being complete or crappy torrent finds where all the files weren’t what they were actually named. Acoustic IDs will usually fix this a allow MB to find a better match.

You can contribute by adding/editing info at Musicbrainz.

Yes, to reiterate dkohs comments Musicbrainz is a completely open community database that you can search and add to, so the first thing is to find out is to take a look at the database and see if your songs are in. MusicBrainz contains over 10 million songs but of course that isn’t EVERY song.

From within Jaikoz you can add releases to Musicbrainz
Action/Remote Correct/Add New Release

You can also associate AmpliFIND ids with MusicBrainz Ids
Action/Remote Correct/Submit MusicBrainz/PUID Pairs

Actually AmpliFIND is going to be replaced by Acoustid , this is closer aligned to Musicbrainz and over time should give better results.

Also worth noticing just retrieving AmpliFIND ids for your songs doesnt fix the metadata in itself, but if your songs have an AmpliFIND id you are going to get more matches when doing the Correct from Musicbrainz stage because it can use the AmpliFIND Ids. Having said that if your songs do not have tiltles or artist fields then it is very difficult for Musicbrainz to an automatic metadata match so if the AmpliFIND id isnt within the MusicBrainz database then there is little it can do.

But also try the Manual Correct from MusicBrainz , this works in batches and presents possible matches which maybe don’t seem to match enough for Jaikoz to give an automatic match but maybe obvious to you that they are a good match.

Also if your songs without metadata are named correctly you should extract the metadata from the filename into the fields using the Action/File and Folder Correct/Correct FIlename task (but check the mask is correct in preferences).