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Tags not appearing on songs unless I retype 3 times

I am a music producer in Nashville, TN, and I’ve been using Jaikoz for years with no problem to tag files for my clients after mastering. I have an Apple M1 machine now, and there were no problems at first, but in the last 6 months or so, I’ve had the really big problem of filling out the fields, saving, and then going to the files to not find any of the info I entered appearing(artist name, genre, comment(where i put contact info), etc… Sometimes, I’ll re-type the info several times, and then it appears. I have a version from last July or something, and I’ve tried a trial version of the latest version just to see it that would work, but had the same problem. Now–today… as I am writing this, I went back to look at the files, and the info seems to be there now…like it took 10 minutes before it would show up on the files? Does that seem really weird to anyone, or has anyone experienced similar problems? I mean, if it’s just a ‘delay’ on the info showing up, I guess I can live with that, but I never experienced that before… once I hit save, the info was immediately on the files when I checked. Ok… that’s it…

Hi not aware of any such issue, but probably worth running Advanced:Create Support Files and then email zip file to