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Tags improvements

I think that Jaikoz (but also SongKong) must improve the “engineer” tags compile.
I’ve noticed that doesn’t compile tag “mixer” with the same musicbraninz tag, both doesen’t read the “recording engineer” and “mastering” tag or put the people in the generic “engineer” tag.

Musicbrainz has many useful tags and i hope that both software improve the collection of that (i dont speak of “co”, “additional”, “guest” that can be added in the future…)

The issue is that MusicBrainz can display an infinite amount of tags due to its flexible database and Xml structure. But to store all this metadata in the music files themselves we are constrained by the limitatons of music tags. For example should I add somebody credited with mastering to the engineer tag, this would probably be incorrect because not the engineer. I could add a MASTERING tag but what player is going to see or make any use of it. So music tags are always going to be a limited representation of the rich data provided by MusicBrainz.

But there is some omission that we need to fix, currently we only use track level credits, release level credits are ignored. Although release level credits are the old way of doing things and are discouraged there are many releases in MusicBrainz that have these so we should make use of them.

You talk about the limit of ID3 format, or the tags currently in jaikoz / songkong?

Ok, I don?t have many skills in computer programming, so i could say things that are inaccurate or impossible to do.
I think the best thing would be to give the user the possibility to choose and customize the fields.
Jaikoz should save ALL information from a musicbrainz release (Albunack database online or in a user’s local database). In this way you can bypass any limits currently present in the ID3 format. Subsequently, according to the reference player, it would be the user to choose the fields, customize the field labels and choose for each tag field which relative field of the database (local or online) connect.
This would give a strong customization to the expert user (perhaps leaving the possibility of a “classic template” for a “beginner”) that would be able to adapt the fields to the player in use and, when there will be new players or updated ones they will be able to read more information, it will be easier to insert them

It’s just my idea without any kind of computer knowledge behind it

I do plan to add support for custom fields to Jaikoz however I dont think most users want everything form MusicBrainz in the tags themselves, since it would require alot of work from user to actually make any use of it.

However i believe that the “engineers” fields (record engineer, mixer, mastering, remixer) should all be compiled. Especially for audiophiles they are important fields

Yes certainly, but we have all these except mastering, which should be added.