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Tagging Files with ISRC

I have a need to tag a boat load of files with ISRC numbers. Can this be done using Jaikoz?

I see where the tag is provided for in the application but cannot determine if that field is populated and can automatically tag my files without manually typing in each one.

My experience has been that most music meta tag databases used in tagging software do not contain this field or they do not employ it.


At the moment you can manually enter and save the ISRC field, and Jaikoz will also display the value if it already exists in the file. But it doesn’t automatically populate it (from Musicbrainz) at the moment …

Can the program now get ISRC codes for the songs that it tags. I have selected the ISRC checkbox, but there are no ISRC data for each song. It would be really nice to be able to automatically populate that field with data.

Thank you!

Yes it can now, please see