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Tag writing question


Just purchased SK yesterday to scan my DJ music library and it?s worked brilliantly (after some trial and error!) but when I import the songs back into Serato it seems that some tag Serato uses got wiped so it lost some other information (cue points and waveforms etc).

Is there a way to set SK to either ONLY update the Year/Release Year field or does anyone know how to make this play nicely with Serato?

Great software and thanks!

HI, its shouldn’t remove existing fields that it doesnt known about, what format were the files in ?

Would be really be useful if you could send me a before and after file

They?re mp3 files - I?m trying to narrow down if it?s the file tags or something in the Serato database causing the issue.

Sure - how can I send them over?

If they are mp3s you can probably just email them to, alternatively use dropbox.

I?ve just discovered that Serato uses a lot of GEOB tags to store additional data such as cue points and waveforms.

I?ll do a comparison of the files I?ve used and see if there?s a difference.

If there is it wondering if I?ll be able to copy these tags over to the files that now have the year data from SK

Possibly with another tool