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Tag and how they work.

When adjusting settings for tags I see where i can update if empty. never . always…etc.

How can I erase that i just do not want to fill such as composer.

Empty fields by selectiong them in the main table, bring up the context menu and select ‘Delete’

that is what I have been doing. but there are so many songs, so many fields, i was hopping there was a way to choose what fields to delete across the entire library.

Oh I see, fair enough although most people want to add in more information not completely remove it from their library

Well I was thinking that as there r 30+ fields and a lot of them I will never use, why store info on them that takes away space from my mp3 player’s storage capacity. So I thought it would be nice to uncheck and erase all those I do not want…

Does this actually work? I thought often times, deleting a field doesn’t actually remove the space for that tag just the content. This way, a program doesn’t have to rewrite the file (per my understanding of id3 tags) and leaves a buffer.

I rarely care about comments, and composer, etc and wouldn’t mind clearing them out of info if it really will clear space.

I am not really sure. just makes sense to me that storing a blank filed would keep less information than lets say the name of a composer…likely 2 bytes as apposed to Wolfgang Amadeus Beethoven?

Yes it does work, for ID3v1 it doesn’t the space is fixed , but all other formats the field is removed and then generally the space is reclaimed.

so then is this a feature you might add?

the ability to tick box select what fields to erase?

Might do, of course if you REALLY want it you can pay for a customisation, see

understanding that your effort does deserve not only acknowledgment but compensation to it is something i would seriously consider. Can you tel me what the cost would be?

How about $100 USD to get it into the Jaikoz 2.5.0 release ?


I use JRiver MediaCenter to manipulate any and all tags, even delete V1…

You might want to check it out–you could delete all data in any one tag in all your tunes with 1 keystroke.

There is a free version called Media Jukebox.