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Table rearranging when correcting Sub Folder from Metadata

Hi Team, long time Jaikoz user and the forum has been a great resource.

Could someone remind me how Jaikoz treats sorting in the table?

For example, if I sort Sub Folder alphabetically, select all tracks in an album and press “Correct Sub Folders from Metadata”, the album disappears from view and snaps into its corresponding correct place alphabetically. I’d prefer for it to not immediately re-sort so I can review without scrolling to find it again.

Is there a combination of sorting by album or subfolder that I am pressing that causes this to happen? It doesn’t always happen but I haven’t noticed a pattern.

Appreciate any tips or tricks!

Jaikoz will re-sort after applying a task. I am aware of this issue, there is also the issue that Jaikoz does not support multi- column sort.

There was an issue of how table sorting in Java that seemed to prevent me fixing both these issues, but that was many years ago I expect there is a way to resolve it now.