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syntax for folder correct and filename correct

Although I have been using Jaikoz for a few years already and I love it, I really don’t get the syntax procedure. I�d like someone to give me the code for these syntax. I�d like my folder rename to work like this:

Artist/Artist - [Year] Album

I�d like my syntax for renaming filenames from metadata to work like this:

Artist - Track number - Title

I guess this must be an easy question for experienced Jaikoz users. By the way, is there any place where I can learn more about jaikoz syntaxes structures so I could do this by myself. Thank you very very much!!!

Its javascript notation so any javascript reference can detail how you create a mask.

Wrt Jaikoz the known variables are listed in the listbox at the bottom of the screen, use + to concatenate strings, and use ‘value’ for literals. The basic Javascript if statement is (expression ? outputidtrue : ouputiffalse)


simply becomes

thanks a lot for your explanation, now it’s much clearer.