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Synology Package

As some of us are using Synology NAS to store the music files, it would be great to develop a Synology app for SongKong.
I tried the Docker version, but there is no new version available.
In the Blog you mentioned, that you might work on a Synology version, but you need to know how.
I found a link what might help you:
Any answer would be great.
Thanks in advance

For some time now we have a Docker version that can be used with Synology, and new releases get released at the same time as for all other platforms

tried to find the docker image within
Can only find an image which is (not from you?!) a year old.
Can you point me to the image plz?

Its here -

If you follow the Synology Install instructions the search should find it

as i have posted in the jaikoz area, i had the impression its an jaikoz image. Thats sonkong…

Ah sorry, okay well Jaikoz has no web ui so I cant see how it can be used on a NAS ?

theoretically possible like other linux app implementation via docker.
For example: or

the implementation principle is always the same. The app gets accessed via X11/(No)Vnc. I would use such image. Just for getting rid of the usual “Full OS” bloat

The link says

The GUI of the application is accessed through a modern web browser

so is that not a web UI ?

But since I now have a linux installer that does not require windowing, perhaps it would not be no hard to create a docker version and then use Vnc to get to it, so is the Synlogy UI X11 i just assume it was all html, since I access it via webbrowser ?

No, the X11 noVNC implementation is in the docker image (just look at those examples above), because they are able to provide access over html5 (with apache guacamole also in the image). But Guacamole is not needed, its just an html5 solution.

So I have to add X11 noVNC implementation in my docker image, Im lost to how html5 is part of this as Jaikoz does not provide html interface. If you want me to do this you’ll have to provide me with some help as I am not familiar with this technology.

X11/VNC is the usual implementation to remote connect a docker image. There are plenty of dockerfiles around where you can see how to do it. Those two examples have this implemented.
This is NOT HTML5.
If you want to offer X11/VNC over HTML5, then you need to add apache guacamole on top of X11/VNC
Sure i can help

Ok thx I will have a look after I have released next version of SongKong