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Synology docker time stamp is in UTC in reports

@paultaylor Paul I have mentioned this elsewhere but again here for completeness

Seems docker time is in gmt/utc but the system is setup +8 utc time in the synology settings.

Songkong is the only docker app I have running, and there seems to be no other settings in docker that could change this time either.

Anyone else running a docker instance?

Seems this is common problem with docker apps and I have raised an issue to investigate how to get round this.

But would be useful if another customer could confirm or deny existence of the issue.

I also am seeing UTC timestamps in SongKong running on Docker

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@porphyrin Thankyou for this

Okay so suprisingly there is no standard way to get Docker to automatically pick up correct timezone from the machine, but if you know the timezone you use then its quite easy to pass it to the Docker container

On Synology, you need to add variable TZ to the timezone, this usually has a value of the form Continent/City

So for example here I change it to Europe/London, during Winter London timezone is the same as UTC but in Summer it uses British Summer Time which is one hour different so setting the timezone sets the time correctly.


You say you are eight hours ahead of UTC , so setting it to Australia/Perth should work for you ( I tried it out).

A full list can be found at

I assume Qnap and Unraid are similar.