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[Suggestion] Progress window could indicate target (number of files + completion time)

From my undestanding, when a new batch is launched, Songkong launches various threads in charge of processing the file. As long as the total number of files to be processed is not known, progress bars are just indicating a process in progress with no size (see first capture)

Then the number of file has been counted, thus progress bar can have a proportional size to the target (see 2nd capture)

However, the total number of files is not displayed anywhere (before completion).
I would suggest:

  1. To display this number once calculated
  2. To display an percentage of progress (maybe on the “processing” line, which is empty on the right), which should be "completed / total number × 100)
  3. To indicate an estimated completion time (I know this is hazardous – especially because there is an important difference in processing time depending on if the file is already fingerprinted or not – but I think it might be helpful).

Hi, good points.

I definently agree regarding issue 1, I have overlooked that.
And 2 make sense as well

Not no sure about 3>, I think it is going to be difficult to be accurate but I will think about it.

Regarding point 3, my approach would be:

  1. If the batch is short, the approximation will (probably) be largely false… but we don’t care because it’s short…
  2. if the batch is long… well, probably the statistical approach will be reasonnably accurate :upside_down_face:

That sounds reasonable.

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Additionally, the progress could be shown in the taskbar for Windows users as well.

See some code samples here for guidance if needed.