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Suddenly locked out of paid version of Jaikoz with no warning

I purchased a full license for Jaikoz years ago and have been using it occasionally ever since. I’ve had a few minor issues with the license after some updates and changes, and Paul has been very helpful in resolving these.

In June of this year, I had to restore my system from a backup. I have used the latest version of Jaikoz several times since then with no problems.

Today, while working in a place where I had no internet connection, I started Jaikoz, and was dumped in to “view only” mode, with a message saying that Jaikoz could not reach a server. Since this is software for which I paid money, I’m very disappointed to be suddenly locked out while working offline.

After reaching a place with an internet connection, I am now greeted with a message saying that an upgrade period has expired, and I need to purchase the software again.

My license was fully paid for, and I used Jaikoz repeatedly since my system restoration, with no issues, before today. I never agreed to a subscription service, so I’m very confused.

I’m disappointed that I can’t simply load and use the software I bought, which I was using with no issues until this unexpected message today.

How can I go on using the license which I purchased?

Hi, I couldn’t find a license for the forum email address you are using so perhaps you could email me this so in can check your license details.

Jaikoz is primarily a tool that requires Internet access, and that includes for checking license, it is lof limited use without an Internet connection.

There is no subscription service, but we simply no longer gives updates to new versions for free. The confusion is that instead of charging per version (which is rather arbitary) we charge for a time period. So you can pay £10 for one year of updates and this will give you access to the latest version, plus all new versions for the next year, and these versions will continue to work after the year is up, no requirement to purchase a whole full license, and no requirement to purchase further yearly updates if you don’t want later versions.

What doesn’t quite make sense is that if you have already been using Jaikoz 10 without problem why it would suddenly complain. But I think this could be because that the license details of some customers were incomplete so we could not check their eligibility, but we fixed this a few months ago and this may be why you are now getting hit.

Thank you, Paul. I messaged you and also replied to my license email.

Just a side note, while I do use autocorrect and other features that require an internet connection, I am offline a lot while on the road, and I still find Jaikoz extremely useful during those times, especially for simple bulk tagging, find-and-replace, etc. I have a lot of personal recordings that I use for study, so I might not be the most typical user…

You were one of these problem accounts, you just need to purchase 1 year of updates

I take your point about offline working, the check only occurs once so if you start Jaikoz whilst online yo can then go offline and it will continue to work, I will look at finessing the algorithm to make it easier to do offline working.

I too had purchased a full license many years ago. I seldomly use this program since I have most of my CD collection ripped down and tagged correctly. Picked up a new CD and wanted to rip it down and tag it. Launching the program, I get the pop-up stating I need to update the software. So of course I do the update only to be locked out of using it unless I pay more. Had I known the update would cost $13 I would have stayed with the older software which worked perfectly. Perhaps a common courtesy to your customers would be to advise them of the charge BEFORE they update the software.

Hi, the software does warn you before updating that your version updates period has expired, it warns you as soon as you start Jaikoz that you have an old version and your version updates period has expired.