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Subfolder Disc Number Preferences

Previously, when a multidisc album saved, only the disc number (1,2, 3, etc. appeared in the subfolder field as well as the folder where I saved the music to.). Now all I see is Disc 1, Disc 2, Etc. in the subfolder field as well as the folder I save to. I tried fixing this manually but it always goes back.

I suspect there is a way to fix this in preferences but I don’t know where to find it.

Can you help?

I need some more detail/ screenshots to properly understand what you mean here, but in the first instance check the filename mask you have configured makes sense for what you want to do.

This isn’t exactly easy for me to screenshot. Here is the screen for the filename mask, though. So which one will give me JUST numbers of multidisc folders instead of folder named, Disc 1, Disc 2, Disc 3, etc.?

(Its quite easy to capture a screenshot on Windows, just select the screen and press Cntl-Alt-PrintScreen, then go into Paint or Photoshop program and select Paste and you should now have your screenshot that you can save to file and then upload)

Okay I understand now, you will have to edit the rename mask

  • Select the rename mask in the Filename masks option at the bottom of above screen
  • Select Edit, should give you this

  • Delete the text I have highlighted in blue in the above screenshot ('Disc ’ + )
  • Select Save

Should now work as required.

That did it. Thank you. Saving it saved it as two digits (eg 01, 02, 03, etc) which isn’t what I had before. I took a chance and changed that no 2 in both rows to a 1. It seemed to work. Was that correct or will I screw something up down the line?

Great, correct that number is a parameter to the pad function that defines if it pads numbers and by how much. You can view/edit/create/clone javascript user defined functions

Excellent. Thank you for confirming this. I appreciate the help.