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Subfolder Depth?

I notice the following sentence in the most recent tutorial: “If we select a folder containing music files then that folder is loaded, if we select our complete music folder then just the first subfolder containing music will be selected.”
In my situation, I am scanning an external HD that includes many diverse discographies and catalogs, so that’s a deep hierarchy of folders. Does SongKong keep drilling down into those sub– sub– subfolders, and so forth… until it reaches the bottom of that hierarchy, editing all the files en route?
Just wanted to double-check, since some of the original folder-related questions are from the distant past :slight_smile:D

That lines only applies to the manual task Edit Songs Metadata. What it means is that usually would expect customer to pick the folder containing the songs they want to edit, if instead they just select something else such as the root music folder then the first subfolder containing music will be loaded, however many levels down that is.

All other tasks our automated tasks and will process all folders and folders underneath the selected folder.