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Strauss - Andris Nelsons

I’ve downloaded a FLAC file of a recent release (6 May 2022) by DG (cat no. 4862040) of Richard Strauss music (also available on 7 CDs) - the album is called Strauss Alliance. The track are listed from 1 to 93 (no disc numbers) and match the description on Presto. When I run the file through SongKong as is my standard process prior to loading into Roon, SongKong can’t get a MusicBrainz album match though all tracks are identified by AcousticID. So, none of the work or movement tags are entered. Does this mean that the release has not yet been entered into MusicBrainz? When I loaded it into Roon, Roon found a release that matched all 93 tracks correctly but it does not break up the track listing into works and movements. Any thoughts on how to get the work and movement tags populated other than a lot of manual work? Will the release eventually appear in MusicBrainz? Note that the track listing in my file does match the track listing in Presto Classical and the identified release in Roon, but this is not the order of tracks on the CD set, so clearly the download does not match the CD release.

I have checked and this album is not currently in MusicBrainz, there is no automatic datafeed from a publisher to MusicBrainz so it can take a while, of course its not guaranteed to ever be added but you could add it yourself.

Acoustids can be automatically created for new tracks by Acoustid, when a tracks fingerprint is analysed and it doesnt match any existing fingerprints then a new Acoustid is created. But also it may match an existing fingerprint but this doesnt mean there is a link to a MusicBrainz track, the Acoustid database is larger than the MusicBrainz one.

If Roon has identified the release then Im suprised it hasnt then indentified the work and movements, in such a case it is probably best to ask on the roon forum

Paul, thanks. Roon did not identify the album at first, but I was given a choice of three versions one of which was the correct one and I selected this. But it still only shows one composition from the release when there are many. I’ll post on the metadata thread in the Roon forum.

Cheers, Ian