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Strange problem - Data appears to be correct in SongKong Pro - but a lot is absent when look in Jaikoz

Hi I am confused with a problem I seem to be having - I have just downloaded 7 Sibelius symphonies from Qobuz - they play perfectly - After SongKonging they seem to have all the relevant MetaData - but when I check in Jaikoz - lots of bits are missing (and different) - and although the data looks fine in SongKong - the music does not display correctly in Linn Kazoo - indeed all but one track seems to be missing!!!

Help to the next step please!!

Regarding Kazoo.have you remembered to Update MinimServer. But if the problems reflect the differences between SongKong in Jaikoz then I guess you have, in that case I need SongKong support files plus some Jaikoz screenshots and explantion of the specific issue.

Im have rebooted everything and there is more consistency between the 2 now - however - Jaikoz is saying that can’t save the data for one track as says 'Bad Chunks of Data". I am getting more confused - I am going to clear the 7 symphonies (26 tracks) and reload them and see what happens then

Okay, let me know when you have tried this.

I am currently rerunning SongKong - and have been for the past hour and as yet it has only completed 14 of the 26 tracks - have to say it is normally much quicker


Hmm, it is easier for me if you one thing and then provide some evidence, logs etc. If you do lots of different things then evidence for original problem can get lost and then very difficult to help.

It has just finished with a timing issue Error report - I have sent the report file with details


All I have done is load a new version of the symphonies onto the Melco and run SongKong - which has been slow again today - I have sent a report

Looking at it in Jaikoz suggests that both Jaikoz and Songkong showing the same data

Looking at last report it had problem saving the files and it eventually gave up, were they being played by MinimServer at same time ?

No - the Melco was playing other stuff but not them! Other things after this have been organised and saved much quicker - just very slow for the Sibelius!

Okay, nonetheless I would suggest temporarily stopping Minimserver and retrying SongKong to see if it can then complete.

I have the same problem…and can’t find the decision. :dizzy_face:

@Nslan Please clarify what you mean by same problem, there was a couple of things in this thread.