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SongKong - Would like the ability to select to view menus and screen in dark mode

Since Dark Mode became so prevalent with Mojave, it would be nice if Songkong could update their screens and menu bar icon to be “dark mode” compatible. The ability to apply color themes for screen and menu bars within Songkong would be nice.


Latest release of SongKong does support Dark Mode, please see

But since it is not a native Mac app, integration with Mac specific features is always going to be harder than for a Mac only app. Did you miss this post, or are talking about Dark mode specifics here that are not yet supported.


Maybe this request should be in the wishlist topic. What i am really asking for with sonkong regardless of platform you are running it on, have the ability to apply themes to the displayed pages.

for instance:

Show the background of the page with black with white lettering. Define the background color of the menu with white lettering, etc.


I don’t much see the point of being able to apply random themes/colours to the desktop client, I can see the point of supporting a dark mode on Windows. I can also see the point of the report either being switchable between light and dark, or it being automatically light or dark based on mode of desktop client.

Would be interested if you could go into some more detail about what you actually want and why ?