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I used SongKong a few years ago and do like it. I recently purchased a year license and upgraded to the newest version. I need to tag another large chunk of songs.
I want to tag them and add them to my library.

When I tagged my original library, it created the folders with the Artist name (that may have already been in place); the following folder was the date, then the Album name. Inside this folder were all the songs related to that Album. It is Artist – Song only.

I want to create the same tree structure as above on the new songs I acquired. I cannot seem to figure out how to do it. I have tried all the “Rename Masks” on a test section. None of them create a folder with the “date” 1982, 1983, 1986…

I would really prefer to have the folders in that order (Artists/Date/Album name)

Can you please instruct me on how to do that? Once I get it to work on the test folder, I plan on tagging and moving them to my library. One question on that, if I tag and move at the same time of tagging, will it take into account duplicates? Will I take a chance of losing anything in my library with this approach?

Thanks for the help

Hi so I think you want

AlbumArtist/Album Year/Album/Artist - Title

There are no predefined masks that do that, but you can create your own from the Preferences menu

-Select File:Preferences
-Next to the Filename masks list select New
-Enter Name into Name field e.g AlbumArtist/Album Year/Album/Artist - Title
-Enter Mask as below

+ ifnotempty(albumyear,'/') 
+ ifnotempty(album,'/')
+ ifnotempty(artist,' - ')
+ title


-Select OK

You can then use this newly created mask when yo run Fix Songs

I will but if two songs clash then it can make it difficult to name themI would recommend the following

  • Run Fix Songs without renaming
  • Run Delete Duplicates to remove duplicates
  • Run Fix Songs again with renaming enabled

Thanks, that worked perfect.

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