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SongKong Repair corrupted files?

I had a NAS fail on me and I’ve been rebuilding my volumes, retrieving my data.

For my music collection, it appears I have all the files and folder structure, and the data is all there – but for the metadata. I cannot play any of the files. If I right click, for example, I see the name, file type (flac, mp3, etc.) but if I click on Details I see no data at all (but for pathway, filename, etc. at bottom). So if I attempt to play the file with any player such as VLC the file does not play.

In all other aspects, names, size, extension and other variables it appears to be a complete file.

I attempted to repair with SongKong hoping it might fix this via signature or other method, but it also does not recognize the files as audio files (like the player).

Is there a way to batch edit these files, adding whatever data is needed to enable SongKong to recognize the files as audio? Some software I can use? Could SongKong be forced to signature check these files?

OK: I was asked to post this question here on the forum - I was able to (re)extract the files from the ext4 drive and the files retained their front-end file information - so I now have my music files back. But the question still stands - can SongKong help with corrupted files, or similar issues…?

Hi, glad you have managed to recover the files.

SongKong can identify music files and add the metadata, but only if the audio data is intact.You say that

but in fact it is the clear the actual audio data was corrupted, and that is why the songs could not be played in VLC, so SongKong cannot repair such files.

But if the files are now playable you can use SongKong to fix the metadata.

Hi, my terms are a bit off. Yes, the audio data descriptors were initially missing and now are whole again. But the raw file data was there. I could import a file into Audacity for example and re-encode. Not feasible for lots of files. But if the raw file can be examined by Audacity, I wondered if SongKong could signature the file. That was my question. Looks like it cannot but that would be a valuable feature for corrupted files with raw data.

Sorry thats out of the remit of SongKong really, we only deal with textual metadata not fixing the audio even if it is only the audio descriptors, better of using a tool such as Audiocity for that kind of thing.

SongKong audio repair might be a good business opportunity.

I dont really see it, but hey never say never.