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SongKong Remote for Melco

I was among the lucky ones being invited to the Beta test of SongKong for Melco Remote. There is not “BETA” section available, so forgive me that I am posting here.

First Finding: the application is quicker than I expected. Pulling metadata, saving it and reporting back is just great.

I was mostly using Jaikoz until today and but licenses are valid until end of September and as of today I might only extend SongKong.

Only thing that I am missing are these sections that I am using most in Jaikoz:
[list]the whole “Match to Album” section[/list]
[list]View this Artist at Musicbrainz[/list]
[list]View this Album at Musicbrainz[/list]
[list]View this Artist at Discogs[/list]
[list]View this Album at Discogs[/list]

Maybe it’s there and I am just not smart enough to identify where it is.

Thanks a lot to Paul for the great support to us Melco users.

[quote=Frodo]I was among the lucky ones being invited to the Beta test of SongKong for Melco Remote. There is not “BETA” section available, so forgive me that I am posting here.
Thats my fault, but posting here is totally fine and the preferred option.

I am very pleased to hear that, but we still have some more performance improvements to make so should get a bit faster.

Actually a Fix Songs task that just works one one folder that allows you to tell SongKong what to match to and/or confirm match before saving is already on my list of new features I would like to add. I have realized that alot of customers are happy working one album at a time but would like more control/confirmation before changes are made. Cannot say when this will happen though.

In the reports that are created if you go to the Song Changes section then there are links to the album at MusicBrainz and Discogs (from where you can get to artist).

In the Matched to MusicBrainz section there is a link to the MusicBrainz release at the top, and a simialr link in the Matched to Discogs section.

So the links are there, however I do want to give the reports a bit of an overhaul and include the sort of view users are more familuiar with, a way to browse their collection by artist/ablum image and then drill down to see more album details.

Thanks for your swift reply Paul. That’s what I thought: that I have to become more familiar with SongKong as it almost contains everything I was used to handle via Jaikoz.

Meanwhile I saw your modified instructions: GREAT improvement - it will make installation much easier!! Thanks a lot.

Thanks, actually I’ll post the link here -

I never used the ?Monitor Watch Folder?.

Wouldn?t it be the beauty of SongKong on Melco that the share folder is contiously checked against the music DBs and updated accordingly or is this a misunderstanding?

You could certainly do that, good point, please give it a go.

But you could can also use the regular Fix Songs task since the browser interface offers full fucntionality.

I never use the “Monitor Watch Folder”

Update to 5.9 went very well. Much better than before, in particular adding the license via the webgui.

One issue that I am having:

Free Version Updates Expires: 04/Sep/2018
Version updates has expired before this release, reverting to Lite

My understanding is that I am just excluded from further updates but that the product isn’t reverting to the Lite version.

You need to pay for version updates to get back to full functionality since your version updates period has expired before version 5.9 was released.

Seems that PayPal is needed to pay the upgrade? This is a deal breaker. Credit card would be the preferred payment if that is possible…

Hi, you can still use CreditCard with Paypal you dont need to have a PayPal account. Having said that I understand that some of you don’t want to use PayPal in anyway and plan to add alternative but please realize its not simply a case of adding another payment option, we also need to add the back end code to send the relevent license automtically, so its not a trivial amount of work.

Paul, I might not be smart enough but the payment site is insisting on opening a PayPal account…,…at least this is my understanding from reading it:

Under “PayPal-Konto er�ffnen” I be asked for a PayPal userID and password after having entered my VISA data.

Sorry Im not an expert on Paypal (especially in German) but Im sure there is a way to do it, you must have used Paypal to buy SongKong originally, I gues s you did not have to setup an account then ?

That might have been the case in the past but there is no way to pay without having a Paypal account. I am not a Paypal expert either and why should I?

Seems that I can?t upgrade. :shock:

I need to add an alternative, but its not that simple, however I dont really understand the big issue with using Paypal.
But on my screen it says Login to Paypal, but below that it says Pay by Debit or Credit Card, dont you have that option ?

…as already said I can enter VISA data or bank account data at the end PayPal is insisting to opening a PayPal account.

�…however I dont really understand the big issue with using Paypal…"

In return I don’t understand why you don’t accept credit card payment as most of software vendors.

simply because I have to do some research to find the most suitable provider and then it takes coding effort to accept the payment and then integrate it with Jthink backend to send and create correct license ectera/

No I agree it needs to be done, and I have already raised an issue about it - and keen to get it done.

But it hasn’t been a major issue because other customers have found they can make a credit card payment without actually creating a Paypal account.

We now provide a shopping cart and this allows customers to use either Paypal or Credit card (with Stripe)