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Songkong Pro or JaiKoz?

Got an email the other day and it gave me an opportunity to save on the purchase of Songkong. After I purchased and downloaded I remembered I also had Jaikoz so I reinstalled this also.

Now I am in a confused state.

Which program should I use and why should I use it?

Why have two programs that appear to do the same thing?

Here are two articles that should help

But essentially Songkong is simpler to use, also if you have really large libraries it scales better because unlike Jaikoz you dont have to load all the metadata for all the songs into memory.

However for songs where the automated matching of Songkong doesnt work, or where some manual editing is required due to some special requirement of your setup then Jaikoz comes in very useful.

So although there is duplication of functionality the two applications complement each other.

and check out this recent review

Guess it is a moot point now as I have Both in “Pro” version. Just trying to get the learning curve down. Some of my educational teaching stuff has wrong metadata and album art, so I need to learn how to fix that on a mass basis. One teacher has over a thousand mp3’s.

I spent yesterday organizing several 1000 files into “Artist” directories followed by “Album” subdirectories. Today I will re-run SongKong and follow up with Jaikoz.

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