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SongKong on Sonictransporter - which version should I expect?

Hello, forum newbee here.

I just noted that on my Sonictransporter (os version 2.7 with all recent updates), SongKong still reports as version 6.6 Red (Pro). Is this as expected?

For info:

  • After launch SongKong presents a dowload link for version 6.7.3, but that’s of no use considering the ‘closed’ package installation process on the Sonictransporter.
  • The software update option for SongKong on the Sonictransporter confusingly refers to an even older version of SongKong (5.something), although it results in a 6.6 install.

SonicTransporter versions are not totally under my control, so currently SongKong v6.6 is the latest version available, not sure why it says v5