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SongKong on Melco with Powerline LAN connection

Initially I had my melco connected directly to the Fritzbox and did the songkong fixing, duplicates cleaning, and file name changes. I’m really really pleased with the results.

I have now connected the Melco upstairs with a powerline adapter to be included into my Hifi system.

Running Song fixing from my computer stops without error message and i am not able to reconnect by refreshing or even typing in the IP address. Strangely I can access the Melco folders from my PC without problems.

When I restart the PC and reconnected it works again but then I’m notified that my songkong lisense is on lite. I can save the license data again and then it works.

I do believe it has something to do with the powerline adapter. Do you have any suggestions? Would a WLAN Bridge work better?

I have never found those powerline adapters very reliable.

But are you running SongKong on Melco and connecting to it via web-browser from your computer
or have you installed and running SongKong on PC and fixing Melco drive mounted as a remote drive on PC ?

You can do either but I just wonder if maybe you have inadvertently swapped the way you are doing things.

My collection of 120000 songswas initially on my synology NAS. I was running Songkong on the PC, was tagging and reducing duplicates ending up with 80000 songs.

I then transferred my collection to the Melco, into an existing collection into the folder imported/all

I was then running Melco in the web-browser from my computer to fix a second time and also treat the files which were already on the Melco before

It all looked fine but stopped after 8000 song in the first run. Refersehing was not possible and typing in IP:4567 didnt work either. I have tried Edge, Chrome and Opera. I restarted the PC and then it worked but said I had only the songkong lite. I saved again my license details, which were still saved and it accepted them.

I then started a second run which stipped after 20000 songs and repeated the same procedure as above a secon time.

I am now running my third attempt…

Sorry its not quite clear, when songs were on synology you were running SongKong on the PC (rather than using docker version directly on synology) , when transferred to Melco you are now running SongKong on Melco (connected via PC but actually running on Melco) ?

Yes. I bought the wrong license (PC) first and then transferred Songkong to the Melco and am running it now on the Melco with the correct license

Okay so is the issue since moving to powerline or since moving to Melco, it seems since moving to Melco.
So I would suggest two things:

  • Run Create Support Files so I can take a look at your Melco logs
  • For now run SongKong directly on PC and remotely mount Melco drive. You can use your Melco license on your PC as well and even though you will now have to access your files over the network this is offset by the PC being more powerful than the Melco, the Melco really is a low powered machine.

OK. Will do this and come back.

Uploaded the support files and am running the song fixing now from the PC on the Melco. It is still running and looking ok but in 10 Hours it processed 3210 songs only

OK thanks, but this is not running on Melco it is running on PC so Im confused

but it does look like there is a network issue because it is reporting it cannot find files that it had previously loaded