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SongKong on desktop, Music on Raspberry Pi?

Hi, before trying it, and risking messing things up, I’m wondering if the above is likely to work.

I’ve installed SK on my Linux (Manjaro Gnome) desktop and run it successfully on a duplicate/backup folder of my music collection kept on an internal drive.

But the music folder I actually use to play files is on a RPi4 (running from a 500GB usb ssd) running MinimServer. I tried installing SK on the RPi but got similar problems to those raised here: Unexpected "Exec format error" on RPi 4 with OMV (though I’m not using OMV, just vanilla Raspberry OS). Tbh I don’t want endless messing with trying to install on the RPi if I can just as easily run SK on my desktop but selecting the music folder in the RPi as the target. I have that folder bookmarked in my desktop filemanager as a network place (nfs protocol), but is it possible to relay that to SongKong and SK to then do its magic over the network?

If the files are visible from your Linux desktop then should be no problem, just a bit slower reading files and writing changes to them.

Thanks for your speedy reply!

I’ve tried entering the network path to the folder on the Rpi4 - nfs:// - in the Select Folder field, but SongKong rejects it with “folder does not exist” .

There doesn’t seem a way for SongKong to access remote folders on the local network.

Maybe I need to persevere more with installing SK on the RPi - I’m sure lots of people must have done that. Is there a step-by-step guide? (I’ve been really impressed by the range and clarity of all your tutorials, but haven’t yet found one for that specific procedure.)

Songkong can access network folders but usually they are mounted so they appear as a local folder. You need to mount the remote folder properly on your Linux machine and then SongKong can access it, should just be available as something like /mnt/remote

Thanks. I’ve looked into that, and can see that it’s perfectly doable, but tbh, a bit beyond my level of expertise!

I think the simplest approach for me will be to keep SK on the desktop working on the local music folder and use something like rsync to keep the files on the RPi up to date.

Are you likely to release a version of SongKong for the RPi at some point? It would seem a good move, given how popular the Pi is with MinimServer users.

It’s actually very easy, see

Basically just create a folder to use as mountpoint then use nfs command so the files are mounted there, and are then accessible by SongKong.

I should look at raspberry pi install but it’s not an os I use myself, and I worry not powerful enough to be a good platform for SongKong?

Thanks for that link - it looks a lot more helpful than anything I’d found so far. I’ll give it a go.

I think you might be surprised how powerful the Raspberry Pi 4 is, and there’s now a raspberry Pi 5! My partner used one for best part of a year as her main pc and it held up remarkably well. People are using them as low cost diy NAS too. Following Simon’s advice on the MinimServer forum I have my music files on one RPi4, with MinimServer, and Moode on another RPi4 as player/renderer, hooked to my AV receiver via HDMI and I find it an excellent setup.

Success! Yes, following the tutorial on that link got me sorted and I’ve now completed my first run of SongKong with my music files on the RaspberryPi. A bit slower than the practice run on the duplicate folder locally, but not critically so. Excellent - thanks very much!

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