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SongKong not updating all metadata fields

Songkong is apparently not updating / pulling over the mixer data if the song has metadata for this field in musicbrainz. I confirmed this by looking at various songs in Picard.

For example the song Love Life by Fatboy Slim
In the “mixer” field is blank for the songkong ‘fix’ version but picard is reporting Simon Thornton for this field

And I am curious why songkong labels the field “Script” as ‘Latin’ intead of ‘Latn’ as marked in musicbrainz. Is this to make it human readable?

Also here is another example for the mixer field for another song.

Here is a screenshot of the original file before songkong ‘updated’

as you can see the mixer label line with Alan Moulder

Now here is the song updated by songkong:

apparently not only did songkong not add the mixer value it removed the mixer line entirely.

Would be much easier to determine if you sent SongKong reports rather than picard screenshots. But anyway it could be for a number of reasons.

  1. For the ID3v23 format (as used by Mp3, Wav, aif) we used to just write all credits to the IPLS tag, however most applications dont understand this tag, so now we have separate defined fields for the most common credits (and this includes Mixer, i.e stored as TXXX:MIXER), but Picard only uses IPLS so will not see it. You can additionally write to the IPLS tag using the Add technical roles with own field to Involved People option.


  1. Currently SongKong only adds track credits, not credits defined at release level - see

Last time I ran songkong was well over a week ago so you have all my current reports. Have been patiently waiting for the next release. I had hoped using Picard would help me identify and maybe even fix some of the error’s listed by songkong. Anyways since I was motived I have started another dry run with the current version of songkong. Once it is completed I’ll send the results.

Looking at the last report, the original release you can see mixer is stored at release level (not track level) so SongKong doesn’t currently use it.

But then because you had SongKong set to Rematch rather than Update Metadata it ignores the existing Picard match anyway, and it matches the songs to

This release does not have a mixer role at release or track level, but it does have a vocal credit at track level and that has been added.