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Songkong not modifying files despite good settings

Good Afternoon - I just purchased a new license for the Mac M1 version of Songkong. I am having issues in that it refuses to update the songs in my ‘unknown’ library. Another thing I noticed, and hopefully I am not just blind, but on initial install, I saw an option to ‘update’ or something to that effect. I did not mean to click that option and ever since it insists upon opening the music app. However, now under the BASIC tab I no longer find that option to get rid of it. Note, I have also not enabled this option under the SAVE tab. I don’t care at all about the Music app and do not use it. I am a ROON user.

I tried removing and reinstalling but it simply inherited all the same configuration from my original install (i suppose after app removal a config file must persist? )

However, my obviously more fundamental issue is despite the app appearing to match songs and save the updates, I find nothing changed. I have fought with the options for a while and ran the program many times, but still nothing. I have included a few screenshots for your reference.

Screenshot 2024-05-04 at 12.00.34 PM.png

I thought i remembered the music app option under this BASIC tab as seen below but i can no longer find it to disable the music app from autostarting. It also insists on adding ‘songkong playlists’ to the music app as well.

Screenshot 2024-05-04 at 11.43.46 AM.png

From the export of changes the app reports detecting artist info - basic to be sure but even that is not being passed to the file and updated.

Screenshot 2024-05-04 at 12.18.17 PM.png

These are ripped streams from TIDAL that didnt successfully auto-tag when they came down. The appear to match to musicbrainz and acouticbrainz but nothing appears to have updated. Perhaps I am missing something super simple? I am reluctant to run it against anything that did tag properly from the stream rips until I better understand this behavior. If there is a log file i can send you - just let me know.



Yes it preserve the configuration so when you upgrade it doesnt get lost. But the issue you are having is the Save changes to iTunes/Music option is now in Preferences:Save rather than being per profile so you just need to uncheck it there.

I think rereading the message the problem is the metadata fields have been updated but you are expecting the filename to also be updated from the metadata and that has not changed. Fix Songs no longer renames the files that is now done with the separate Rename Files task, having it as two separate tasks is both safer and more flexible.

i got around to running this as you suggested and i guess my question is - does this still create folders?

it definitely says it’s updated songs but it doesn’t create folders in the manner the older version used to. perhaps i am again missing something simple?



Running Fix Songs or Rename Files ? - as I said above Fix Songs no longer renames files/creates folders ectera.

With Rename Files, you can do two things:

  • renames songs including subfolders (Rename Files tab)
  • move the base folder to a new location (Move Files tab)

To rename songs ensure you have changed Rename files based on metadata setting from the default of No

yes, i did that as you note and it still doesn’t work. it fails to create folders. i am not interested in dumping hundreds of files, despite their metadata being updated, into a directory in an unorganized fashion.

granted, roon can easily sort this out but it makes for a mess. i am open to the possibility that i am missing something simple but i not sure what that might be.

appreciate your assistance.

As long as the rename mask you have selected has folders as part of the mask and your files have the metadata required to create the folders then it will do as you request. I think you must have some setting incorrect, please run Create Support Files so I can check for you.