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Songkong - Need help with folder / file naming rename mask

Hi. I need your assistance in coming up with a songkong rename script that will name my folder / files as follows:

Any ideas on how i can adjust this mask below to implement the above folder / file naming standard show above in the pictures above ?

+ ifnotempty(album,'/')
+ ifmultidisc(discno)
+ ifnotempty(pad(trackno,2),' - ')
+ title


Any suggestions Paul?


I’m sorry I’m away from office, only have phone . But it should be fairly obvious, you should give it a go.

Paul. It is not fairly obvious to me other than changing the track pad to 4 and removing the diskno since my 4 digit tracks will handle the multi discs. How do i handle artist disambiguation in the Artist (first picture).? How do i handle determining whether (in the second picture it is an EP or album or single)?

Your thoughts?


Okay i have this

+ ifnotempty(albumartist,' -')
+ ifnotempty(mbreleasetype,' -')
+ ifnotempty(albumyear,' -')
+ ifnotempty(album,'/')
+ ifnotempty(pad(discno,2),'')
+ ifnotempty(pad(trackno,2),' - ')
+ title

But it doesn’t give Artist disambiguation.

Now in most cases a customer will rarely have more than a couple of different artists with same name, so adding disambiguation comments for all artists is unnecessary clutter. What I would like to do add a consistency checker which amongst other things checks for instances of albumartist with same name but different musicbrainz id, and only in this cases add something to differentiate between them -


I really only want to add Artist disambiguation to the folder name when their are multiple artists with the same names but different musicbrainz id’s. Normally in the musicbrainz database artist disambiguation is blank for each artist and only used when multiple artists have same name but different music brainz ids. The reason i wanted this functionality as a field name is that the rename rules could take advantage of it when songkong scans my music and if two artists with the same name but different id’s are present it could add the artist description after the artist name in parenthesis. For example: In this case their are two bands in the musicbrainz database that are named skillet. I want the artist name for each one to have ( …) after the band name with the artist disambiguation distinquishing that skillet (christan rock band) is the one i have, as opposed to, the other which is skillet (lexington garage band). I want to only add the album disambiuation with (…) after the album name in the rename mask when their are different versions of an album. Hope this info helps. Dont get me wrong at this point i will take any implementation feature i can get implemented to support artist and album disambiguation. The more descriptive the artist names and album names are the easier it is for music scanners and myself to distinquish differences in artist and albums without having to use a music program to show me all the tags stored in the metadata to determine differences between music folders.

Robert Smith