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Songkong Installer now available for Melco N1 Mk1 and and N1 Mk II Models

Hi, sorry not sure what you mean ?

Well, I was using SongKong Beta Version that was not working anymore. A while ago you wrote that the official SomgKong installer is also going to remove the BETA code from my Melco.

Right, yes the previous beta version installed via the usb is replaced by this version.

Paul, your instructions are very helpful.
I believe the install issue I was having had to do with my download method. I was opening the download through the download icon at the top right of Safari on my MacBook, rather than through my download folder. I did not change any name for the file. It opened that way, which created the issue. This is the method I have always used for Songkong firmware updates, generally, with no issues.

Following your detailed instructions I was able to install the Melco update that now accommodates Songkong so that I no longer need to utilize the beta method for SK updates.
Thanks, and best regards,

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