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Songkong home stuck 'loading'

Hi, I have the above issue where I could not select the music folders as it is stucked with ‘loading’.

How to solve this? Is full license needed? Thanks

The Loading part is a navigation tree (uses jstree) that selects the folder to process, so when you select a node on the tree that is what is what goes in the Selected Folder field, so the workaround is to enter it manually directly into the field.

But why is it not working?

It’s nothing to do with your license, possibly a browser issue do you have Javascript enabled, you need it for this to work.

If you cannot see the issue maybe try a different browser.

Have tried different browser on a few devices but still the same.

Is there a way to uninstall songkong from melco and reinstall again?

What browsers have you tried have you checked Javascropt is enabled ?

There is no way to reinstall SongKong on melco but I really don’t think that would make any difference anyway.

I tried both safari and chrome on MacBook, iPad and iPhone. Have checked that javascript is enable in safari setting.

May try to reinstall java first to see if this will rectify this issue. Will update again

Hmm, its weird because no errors in your logs and nobody else has reported this issue. So that makes it seem like it is an issue with your computer/browser, but if you have tried on different devices and browsers that doesnt seem to be the issue either.

Ya. I forgot to mention that before I transferred the whole library to melco, I was able to see the ‘jtree’. That time the library size should be less than 200GB.

I faced this issue after transferring the whole library which is around 2TB. Initially I thought songkong needs some time to ‘build’ the new library. However after almost 1 week the issue still persists.

I have tried shutting down the songkong, restarting melco, trying different browsers and devices but none seems to help.

Later I will try using Firefox.

Okay that is useful information, how much disc space do you have left on your Melco?

You successfully ran Fix Songs against 22,000 songs, but his will increase the size of SongKong database and the generated reports are large as well.

So it may be worth running Delete Reports, and Empty Database from the Admin menu, you may have to restart SongKong after running Empty Database

My melco total capacity is 4TB. Now 41% is occupied.

I tried running delete reports but failed to do so with message of ‘500 internal server error’. But manage to empty database.
I have also tried Firefox but the outcome is the same.

Try restarting SongKong and running Delete Reports ,if that doesn’t work please rerun Create Support Files

Just sent the support file

I cannot see any errors in the logs, sorry Im currently devoid of any ideas on this one.

I format the internal drive and ‘Loading error’ resolved.

Now transferring my music back to melco