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Songkong genres to ROON

I have one problem with Genres (Songkong get those from discogs) and I have set Sonkgong to use multiple genres (max 4).
When importing material to Roon, if there is more than one genre , those will be componed to one at Roon. There seems to be problem at Roon to understand “space” as genre separator.
This is extract from flac files metadata: GENRE=Indie Rock PopGROUPING=Indie Rock
this will appear at roon as genre “Indie Rock Pop” not as should be “Indie” “Rock” “Pop”

Added screen shots from other file binary view and how it looks at Roon
Screenshot 2021-03-05 at 8.56.03

Hi, thanks for the information. This is not how multiple genres should be added to the file, spaces are not a valid separator. For flac there should be a separate GENRE field for each genre and this is how SongKong adds them



So I think these genres must have pre-existed in your file. To replace them in SongKong you would need to:

  • Select Update Genres on the Basic tab
  • Set Genre to Always replace values on the Genres tab

I have setting at “always replace values”
Also removed all tags before running SongKong.
I notice this at Roon when there started to appear new odd Genres after I started to use SongKong more.
I Need to investigate this more.

Well it possible that perhaps SongKong added a single genre called Brit Pop IIndie Pop, so if you run Status Report on the folder that contains this file and then run Create Support Files I should be able to determine where that genre came from, and if the original source (Discogs) it was one or two genres.

This genre thing has nothing to do with SongKong, it work perfectly.
My problem is at Audirvana (as I share same files with Roon and Audirvana).
Problem appears after I add files to Audirvana catalog AND calculate replaying gain value with Audirvana.
Somehow Audirvana also scrambles some of the metadata sametime.

This is how files genre part is after Audirvana:
DYNAMIC RANGE (DR)=4DYNAMIC RANGE (R128)=2.613618ENGINEER=Cenzo TownshendENGINEER_SORT=Townshend, Cenzo
FBPM=132.9999!GENRE=Alternative Rock Indie Rock

This is original form Songkong
FBPM=132.9999GENRE=Alternative RockGENRE=Indie Rock

So I need to contact Audirvana about this bug, or badly implemented feature.

Okay, thankyou for letting me know.

Now that I know I have messed my library genres with Audirvana…Is there any way to fix just Genre tag with SongKong.
I could try to fix those wrong genres, but dont want to touch any other metada at my files.
What would be to optimal settings at SongKong to touch only Genre tags.

You just need to enable Update Genres on the Basic tab, set Genre options as desired on the Genres tab and add everything to Never modify or add these fields so no other fields are added.

Is there anyway to prevent wrinting these to the file, just touch genre tags at files:

Sorry , no you cannot prevent these, they are required for song/album idenfication and the internal workings of SongKong but should not affect anything else.