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SongKong for Melco Licence

On updating to 6.12 on my Melco I have the following message “SongKong v6.12 Bizarro MIML (Melco /Lite - Version Update Period Expired)” on opening SongKong. I hadn’t realised my 1 year license for updates had finished. I have therefore purchased a new £10 licence, but it does not appear to have updated my profile and accordingly I cannot fix songs. Please advise.

You need to restart SongKong because it checks on startup, unfortunately in the context of melco this means a reboot.

Is that a reboot on the Melco front screen or on my desktop?

On the Melco - assuming you are connecting to SongKong running on the Melco and just connecting to it via browser on PC. If you are actually running SongKong on your PC then just restart SongKong on your PC.