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This part of the forum is for questions to do specifically with SongKong for Melco. This includes Naim Wav Rip metadata parsing, MinimServer, Melco and UPnP configuration in general.

Hi Paul,

I don’t see how to open a new message in the Issues folder.

You have to login with username user, and password user, alternatively tell me the issue, is it not writing folder.jpg on meloc issue ?

Hi Paul,

Well, I login like you say but I see no “Create new message” anywhere on the web page.
I can only write into the “Quick Answer” box.

Yes, for some albums SK for Melco doesn’t create the folder.jpg file. Server Twonky on the Melco.

Hi Claude

Ah the Issue software is in the Cloud and they have updated it, you need to click on the ‘+’ button in the left hand corner.

I just wonder if the issue is actually you have not enabled Save Artwork to Filesystem on the Artwork tab since by default artwork is not saved to filesystem, only embedded in the file. And perhaps the folder.jpg files you see were already there and not created by SongKong.

Embedding artwork is much more portable, but if using Wavs with Twonky it does not recognise embedded artwork, however MinimServer does.

Hi Paul,

How do I do if I want to write folder.jpg AND embed the artwork in the file but the artwork already existing and not the one retrieved by MusicBrainz or Discogs ?

(I think) as long as you have embedded artwork the save artwork to fs option will save it to filesystem, regardless of whether it was added by SongKong or already existed.