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From customer

I am running the full version now and i am wondering the following,

  1. If i switch the folder path to a different directory with music to tag, would i be able to then switch back to the previous path if i decided to undo the fixes done to the first directory of music that song kong repaired or will that confuse song kong?

  2. Once i correct a directory of music do i need to do anything in the apple music app to make the changes reflect in the apple music app?

  1. Thats fine, changes are stored in SongKongs internal database , also worth noting you do not have to undo all changes you can select any subfolder and just undo changes for that.

  2. If you enabled Save Changes to Music on the Basic tab then it should update Music app automatically. If you haven’t enabled that or there was a problem contacting Music app then as long as you have not renamed the files you can just select all the songs in Music, right-click and select Get Info. If you have renamed the files then you may have to re-add them to Music.